DC Mesh Community Network

The DC Mesh Community Network is a community owned and operated network, providing affordable, fast, and fair internet access to anyone in the District of Coumbia. We are a group of DC residents working together to get our neighbors the internet access they need to learn, work, and connect.

Fill out the form below if you are interested in getting connected to our network when its available!

We are in the early stages of this project, and we need volunteers! We can even if you think you don't have the right skills!

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How does this work?

We plan to build a network that can provide internet access to houses using radio waves. At the start, this will probably take the form of individuals putting antennas on their roofs to share their own broadband with nearby neighbors.

The plan, however, is to quickly locate a few tall buildings (usually called "supernodes") where we can connect with existing fiber optic networks and place antennas on the roof. Other buildings with line-of-sight from their roof to a supernode roof will then be able to gain internet access for themselves through a directional antenna. They will also share that access with other houses nearby that may not have line-of-sight to a supernode through a mesh network that has the potential to extend throughout an entire neighborhood.

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